We are pleased to inform everyone that Indian Journal Of Jural Science And Research received
the ISSN - 2581- 5199 by National Science Library.


IJJSR is an online Quarterly Indian journal on law . The journal is published by Adarsh Pandey.

 The journal seeks to provide comprehensive information on different aspects of legal  field. 

It focuses on the advancement in law and the various challenges which are before us in these fields.  To regulate the society and to remove various obstacles to make day to day working easy.  the journal focuses on the growth in these fields. 

The main purpose of the journal is to encourage original research in these fields and to publish outstanding articles. 

It aims at providing good quality readable material to its readers and to spread knowledge in the area of  law. The journal welcomes students, research scholars, academicians, and practitioners to present their studies on various topics acknowledged by this journal and also provide them a platform for publication of their works. 

The authors in their papers can present their empirical studies or studies based on interpretation of primary and secondary sources.  

Being an online journal, it will be openly accessible to public at large. The readers can view the content submitted by authors freely and can download the same.